Neutralac® SLS45 is a high strength LIQUID LIME.

It is STRONGER, MORE FLUID and MORE REACTIVE than any other liquid lime. It has a HIGHLY STABLE low settling formula and is suitable for use in a HOST OF APPLICATIONS. And for the technically minded, key characteristics include 45% Ca(OH)2 solids by weight designed for treating acidic effluents of all types, 300 Cps viscosity and 5 sec KIWA reactivity.


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Increasing Biogas output with Liquid Lime

Thermochemical pre-treatment of biogas feedstocks to improve gas output and efficiency. ...

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Southern Water recycling sludge with Neutralac liquid lime

The utility company, Southern Water needed to find more economic and efficient ways of treating sludge to the ...

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Sludge pre-treatment before de-watering

Pre-treatment of municipal sludge before de-watering Traditionally, wastewater and slurry is separated using ...

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Food manufacturer increases biogas power with liquid lime

A major global coffee manufacturer based in Banbury, Oxfordshire, has seen a remarkable improvement in its ...

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