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Fried food products manufacturer

A leading food manufacturer in northern England produces a number of different fried food products and therefore needed to treat an acidic effluent stream that also contained oils, starches and fats. Before it was discharged into the sea, it needed to be pH neutral and to comply with wastewater directives set by the Environment Agency.

Neutralac®SLS45 offered a significant increased rate of flocculation which, combined with its high reactivity, allowed for improved processing capacity. In replacing the commonly used magnesium hydroxide slurry, the immediate price advantage in favour of Neutralac®SLS45 was accentuated due to its better handling, dosing and storage properties and a reduction in the aggressive effects on plant equipment that magnesium hydroxide slurry can have.

Pre-Treatment in Dissolved Air Flotation Systems
Neutralac® SLS45 has been shown to improve the performance of contaminant removal in DAF processes. Offering both flocculation and pH adjustment capabilities, this 2-in-1 reagent ensures optimum conditions for a new DAF process installed to upgrade an effluent treatment plant for a pet food manufacturer in central England.

Utilising Neutralac® SLS45 as a reagent for chemical pre-treatment optimized the level of fat, oil and grease removal. More responsive changes to the incoming effluent were immediately noted, and amounted to improved reagent usage. Having supplanted a standard liquid lime, reagent consumption fell by 60%, and expensive polymer additives and caustic soda have been replaced by the more favourably priced Neutralac® SLS45 and alum.

Neutralac® SLS45 was integrated into existing pumping and dosing systems. Further downstream, the improved dewatering efficiency produced a drier sludge which consequently was cheaper to dispose of.

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  • Food & Dairy Effluents

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