About Project

Precipitation of aluminium and phosphates in effluents treated by membrane filtration

Customer Application and Activity
Decoral specializes in treating technical components made from aluminium and titanium through treatment steps such as anodizing and polishing. The effluents from its surface treatment plant are mainly contaminated with aluminium and phosphates.

Problem to be solved
Decoral was keen to simplify the management of its products to the greatest degree possible and was eagerly seeking a single product for treating its effluents. Its objectives were to:
  1. 1- Avoid preparing a calcium chloride (CaCl2) solution
  2. 2- Limit the use of caustic soda (NaOH) for safety reasons
  3. 3- Keep membrane filtration performance unaltered

Key Achievements
The incorporation of Neutralac® SLS45 into the effluent treatment process has yielded several benefits for Decoral:
  1. 1- 5 fewer CaCl2 preparations per week
  2. 2- Reduced water consumption by 200m3 per year
  3. 3- Treatment costs reduced by 30%
  4. 4- Better quality sludges

Following on from a successful Field Trial, Neutralac® SLS45 has been fully integrated into the plant’s automated systems. Neutralac® SLS45 has met Decorals’ aspirations of utilising a single reagent to address several issues in their effluent treatment procedure by:
  1. 1- Delivering effective effluent treatment at a lower cost, through elimination and reduced consumption of other reagents
  2. 2- Being a liquid reagent that did not harm the existing membrane process
  3. 3- Providing an easy to use reagent that is safe to use

Project Description

  • Fluoride, Sulphate & Phosphate Removal
  • Heavy Metals Removal
  • Neutralisation & pH Control

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